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About the Artist

Regina Foster lives and paints in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Growing up in South Africa with a mother who was a landscape painter; drawing and painting became a blissful and ‘easy’ activity for me. My mother worked during the day so she usually painted in the early hours of the morning. I would sit silently on the stairs watching her every brush stroke.

I did not see myself an artist for many of my adult years. I was a fashion model, social worker, photographer, scriptwriter and brokered old master and impressionist art and still, I questioned my path.

Moving to Santa Fe changed all that. This enchanting place has given me the gift of living in the world of oils and art that I have always known, so grateful to wake-up every day and open my energy to the creative process.

I paint roses because the rose to me represents heart and inner strength and through these places one can reach out and touch the rose in others.

"Regina Foster’s paintings present us with dichotomies: they are at once elegant in their pictorial narratives coupled with the atmospheric backgrounds she incorporates into so many of works. Simultaneously, the atmospheres often reveal an under painting that is vibrant with equations; in other moments, however, the artist reveals merely a hint of an equation.

A marvelous sense of randomness present in the composition of the underlying equations stands in contrast to the sharply defined imagery she engages in her subjects."

—Wade Wilson

Summer 2014