Regina Foster

Regina Foster’s paintings present us with dichotomies: they are at once elegant in their pictorial narratives coupled with the atmospheric backgrounds she incorporates into so many of her works. Simultaneously, the atmospheres often reveal an under painting that is vibrant with equations; in other moments, however, the artist reveals merely a hint of an equation.
— Wade Wilson, Summer 2014

About Regina

Regina Foster is from Johannesburg, South Africa and currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Born into an artist family, she studied in South Africa under Carlos Sdoya and Karin Jaroszynska. Growing up under apartheid afforded Regina a first hand experience of the necessary changes that can lead to a new social awareness.

The concept of multidimensional poverty has struck a chord with more than just economists and policymakers. The rose painting in Dr. Foster's office and the artwork for this story are among a series of pieces by Santa Fe-based artist Regina Glassman Foster, Dr. Foster's sister-in-law, which were inspired by his work on multidimensional poverty. For her, the concept represents not just suffering, but the ability to make changes and pursue happiness.

"It rings true," Ms. Foster says. "If we can work on areas where we're deprived, it will be a better world for our children, the next generation. It's something that is doable."

To see Regina’s paintings, visit:

Corazon Gallery
520 canyon Road
Santa Fe,

Nano Legend Gallery
1709 s. coast Hwy
San Diego, California


2018    Art San Diego

2018    Art Santa Fe

2017    Canyon Fine Art Gallery Liberty (solo show)

2017    Canyon Fine Art Gallery Nexus (group show)

2016    Canyon Fine Art Gallery (group show)

2016    Greenberg Fine Art: The Collection (solo show)

2015    Greenberg Fine Art Santa Fe: The Collection (solo show)

2015    Gallery 520 Santa Fe

2015    Wade Wilson, Dallas Texas (group show)

2014    Wade Wilson Art Santa Fe (two person show with Tom Berg)

2014    Wade Wilson Santa Fe (solo show)

2013/2014 Wade Wilson Art, Santa Fe (group show)

2013    Wade Wilson Art Houston (group show)

2013    Wade Wilson Art, Houston (solo show) with sculptor Ted Flicker

2013    Wade Wilson Art Gallery, Santa Fe: Work on Paper (group show)

2012    CCA, Santa Fe, “In the pursuit of Happiness” (solo show)

2012    CCA, Santa Fe, “Collect Ten” (group show)

2011    Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe: “Imagine Forward”  (group show)

2011    Tucson Arizona  “Tikkun Olam”: A Restoration Project (group show)

2011    Legacy Gallery, Santa Fe “ A Dozen Roses ” ( solo show)

2008    Casa Contemporary Gallery: “Red White and Blue” (group show)

2008    Exit Santa Fe (group show)


Regina’s work is in private and corporate collections abroad, nationally, and locally.